Having 30 years of rich experience, we get engaged right from the Design and Engineering,
Manufacture, Assembly, Testing and Painting of Control Valves.

Wide ranges of control valves are available from our product line with suitable designs and flow characteristics satisfying the Varying needs of upstream, mid-stream and down-stream Oil and Gas Industries. We also give best solutions for viscous petroleum products and highly corrosive applications.

We offer fast acting actuators with very good dynamic response features and wide ranges of low capacity valves and in different materials of construction suitable for refining and petrochemical applications. Low emission versions are available on our supply.

Unicorn has a validated design for water and waste water distribution network and treatment applications. Valves, sizes ranging from ½” to 36”, are available with varied materials of construction (Ductile Iron, Aluminium Bronze, Monel etc) for such applications.

Steam power pants need high pressure and temperature valves for steam and water applications. These valves require high control and rangeability, tight shut off and trim designs to prevent damaging effects of cavitation and flashing, also minimize excessive noise, vibration etc.

We also cater to :

Chemical Pharmaceauticals
Food Processing Pulp and Paper
HVAC Ship Building
Iron & Steel Sugar / Ethanol
Mining Textile
Petrochemical Water & Waste water