UA-11/12 Spring Diaphragm

UA-11/12 Spring Diaphragm

Model UA-11 Spring Diaphragm Actuator is a pneumatically operated actuator combining excellent response and thrust capability. Moulded elastomer diaphragm with fabric insert provides good strength, durability and makes it dynamic. Both direct and reverse acting options are available.

The single piece yoke construction, which accommodates the spring, provides maximum mechanical strength and exceptional vibration resistance. The stem is effectively guided in the actuator, ensuring smooth operation. Diaphragm cases are hot pressed to ensure lightness and high mechanical strength.

The spring diaphragm actuators provide high thrust and outstanding operating response for the valve. The spring ensures fail safe position for the valve.

Main Features:

Action: Air to close model is UA-11 and Air to open UA-12

Sizes: 30, 35, 40, 35 and 50 cm dia

Diaphragm Area: Ranging from 458 cm2 to 1290 cm2

Thrust: Maxi. 44KN

Travel: Maximum 100mm (4 inches)

Hand Wheel: Side and Top

Mechanical stopper: Adjustable in both directions