We care about Quality, Health, Safety and Environment QHSE Policy Statement


Statement from Executive Director




We are committed our growth through continual improvement in the effectiveness of quality management system thereby ensuring customer satisfaction. In order to achieve this, we are dedicated to:

Ensuring compliance to applicable requirements

Reduction in internal rejection and rework assuring prompt delivery of products and services to customers

For sustaining the improvements, UVPL has also given due consideration towards:

Upgradation of Human Resources

Development of Suppliers and Subcontractors as business partners



We take into account the adverse impact  on environment arising due to our business activities and have incorporated them into

Company’s business strategy by carrying out our business in an environmentally sound manner through our commitment to:

Ensuring legal and regulatory compliance on Environment

Controlling significant environmental aspects of its activities, products and services

Preventing environmental pollution

Conservation of resources and energy

Development of every employee as a responsible citizen by way of adherence to better environmental practices

Communication of relevant environmental concerns to external providers and thereby  influencing them to adopt improved environmental practices and continual improvement 


We are committed to maintain a safe and healthy working environment for our employees and every other person in our organization.

Ensuring Health and Safety is the individuals’ responsibility we give top most priority to their adherence of safe working practices.

UVPL has demonstrated its commitment on Health and Safety through continual improvement of Health and Safety Management System with due focus on:

Identification of Hazards and implementation of Risk control measures

Prevention of Incidents

Adherence to applicable rules and regulations on health and safety

Creating safety awareness among employees and other persons

Periodic Health Monitoring

Preparedness towards health and safety emergencies identified and development of safety practices and adherence