Angle Top Guided Type

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92000 Series
Top Guided Type

This single seated valve is characterized by rigid top guiding to the plug. The optimum design configuration ensures very good flow control and stability. The design is made in such a way that the flow enter horizontally and exit of the fluid is vertically down. This configuration is ideal for slurry, viscous fluids and fluids containing solid particles, as particles will not get entrapped in the body. The angle type body with venture design seat is a cost effective solution for cavitation control and flashing applications.

TRIM: Contoured and soft seated for general applications.

Single/Double Stage Deci-NillĀ® for effective Noise Reduction.

Single/Double Stage Cav-KillĀ® for high pressure drop applications and Cavitation Control.

Specially designed trims are available for severe service and wide range of service conditions and fluids to handle.

Valve Size: 1/2" to 8" as standard. Bigger sizes available as per process requirement

Cv: Standard and wide range of Trims are available for handling Cv from 0.1 to 640, depending on valve size.

Pressure ratings:ASME Pressure Class ratings 150 to 2500 and equivalent ratings in PN. Valves to suit other National/International standard are available on request.

Seat leakage: Standard leakage Class IV as per IEC 534-4 /ANSI-FCI 70.2. Class V and Class VI is available on request

Metallurgy: Body & bonnet; Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel as standard.

Trim: Stainless steel and hard-faced trim available as standard. (Special metallurgy in Duplex, Super Duplex etc. are available on request)

Bonnet:Standard design is without extension. Extended and bellows type bonnets will be provide based on application

Packing: Standard and Low emission packing are available

End Connection: Flanged or Butt welded as per client requirement. Socket welded and screwed ends are available up to 2" size

NACE: Standard is without NACE compliance. Compliance to NACE MR 0175 is on request

Testing: As per ASME B16.34

NDT: RT, MPI and LPT are available on request